KMK - Pharma Sales Reporting - White PaperSince the time of blockbuster drugs and mirrored sales teams a decade ago, pharmaceutical reps’ access to physicians continues to decline each year. Studies indicate that between 36.5% – 44% of physicians are now being designated as “no access.” Despite this declining access trend, the industry continues to allocate most of its total sales and marketing budgets to its sales forces, reaching estimates of $12 billion in 2016.2 With so much at stake, the industry can ill afford to arm its sales force with inadequate sales reports. Yet, the reporting function continues to fall short of its objective to provide sales representatives and their managers with the tools needed to optimize script writing within designated geographies. Why is this the case? In this white paper, we take a look at four compelling reasons why many sales reports are doomed to fail from the start, and what can be done to avoid these mistakes in the future.
1. Disparate Mindsets
2. Knowledge Gap
3. Slow and Inflexible Platforms
4. Overlooked End-user

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