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What are the most important asthma products and what makes them superior?

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KMK Consulting’s recent Innovation and Customer Value Survey in asthma explores pulmonologist perspectives on the most important new asthma therapies introduced in the past two years, the innovations they are looking forward to in the next two years, and the companies they see as best positioned to deliver them. To learn more view the infographic.

Pulmonologists cite Dupixent, Fasenra, and Nucala as the most important therapies that have come to market in the past two years. Unique mechanism of action, efficacy in specific cases like eosinophilic asthma, broader therapeutic use, better efficacy, and convenient dosing are the key reasons that make them superior.

To learn more about the study, view the press release, or contact us to discuss the survey results in detail: James Charnetski,; Gregory Chu,

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