At KMK, we take a collaborative approach to helping our clients truly understand their patients’ journeys. Our cross-functional teams combine Real World Evidence and Strategy & Insights to gather insights from a mix of data sources, including claims and EHR data, which we then analyze to identify gaps and understand market needs. We then dig deeper with a tailored qualitative research approach to uncover key decision-making factors and fill in any missing information. With KMK, you’ll get a complete view of your patients’ experiences and be able to make informed strategic decisions for your organization.

To help brands understand their patients:
  • KMK’s RWE team utilizes a variety of data sources including claims and EHR data. Their expertise in analyzing patient level data allows clients to not be limited in choice of data source.
  • KMK’s Strategy & Research team helps clients better focus their effort and time through thoughtful market research design and fieldwork that keeps the patient at the center.

KMK's unique approach allows our clients to have the data and insights needed to answer their most pertinent business questions

Strategy & Research

Don't Underestimate the Power of the Patient Journey

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