The work of healthcare providers isn’t confined to improving patient outcomes by developing new treatments, but it goes beyond ensuring that patients have access to them as well. Burden of Illness (BOI) studies based on real-world evidence (RWE) provide a valuable perspective on the impact of a disease on patients, the healthcare system, and society. RWE encapsulates information gathered from sources other than clinical trials, such as patient registries, electronic health records, and claims data.

At KMK, we combine RWE with BOI studies to impart a comprehensive understanding of the disease burden and unmet medical needs, including the economic burden on patients and healthcare systems. Our evidence-based approach is complemented by advanced statistical and modeling techniques to ensure the validity and reliability of our results that can help you:

  • Getting comprehensive disease coverage, including those with multiple conditions and those who may not meet clinical trial criteria.
  • Uncovering crucial information about the prevalence, incidence, and history of a disease and its impact on a patient’s well-being, disease progression, and hospitalization rates.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of current treatments in real-world scenarios to shed light on possible areas of improvement for innovative new therapy development.
  • Demonstrating the value of drugs with real-world evidence to regulatory bodies and payers to support your product’s treatment protocols and gain negotiation power.

Feel Confident in Making the Right Decision for your Patients

Our HEOR/RWE team employs an evidence-based approach to capture the cognitive and emotional journey of patients during health-related events and interactions. By doing so, we eliminate guesswork and accelerate pathways to meet unmet medical needs, all while ensuring evidence-based outcomes.

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