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Trisha Emish named Director of Market Research at KMK Consulting Inc.

KMK Consulting Inc., a leading provider of operational support and analytics services to the pharmaceutical industry for over twenty years, is pleased to announce that Trisha Emish has been named the new Director of Market Research.

Trisha has over 25 years’ experience across multiple facets of Marketing and Market Research, including fifteen years of research working across many aspects of the pharmaceutical lifecycle from pre-clinical to LOE strategies. She is an expert in positioning, both pre- and post-launch. Prior to joining KMK, Trisha held several roles in pharmaceutical research including as the COO of The Seidewitz Group, a boutique insight-driven Brand Positioning and Market Research firm focused on healthcare and B2B.

A highly skilled moderator, Trisha has experience with a wide range of research methodologies including focus groups, IDIs, online UX, online bulletin boards, iterative ideation, usability, ethnography, and intercepts. She is also skilled in laddering, storytelling, projective techniques, and other neuroscience methodologies and has extensive experience in over a dozen disease states including Cardiovascular, MS, COPD, Asthma and Orthodontics.

With both brand and agency experience, Trisha understand the role and importance of each stakeholder in the research process and focuses on designing research to meet the needs all audiences. “As researchers, the broader view we can take, the better we can answer our client’s business questions and the better our chances of delivering their desired business results” says Trisha. “The exciting thing about the opportunity at KMK is the ability to integrate primary market research with data and analytics as well as real world evidence. It’s a true advantage for our clients.”

Trisha will be responsible for building and nurturing client partnerships, providing leadership to project teams, driving business development efforts in both new and established accounts, and supporting the development and commercialization of new products and services. She will be working under the leadership of KMK’s Principal of Market Research, Dan DeSantis.

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