Todd Foster

Principal, Client Services & Innovation

“Data and analytics are the lifeblood of commercial operations. Data provides the foundation for insights. Insights and analytics are key to business performance and measurement. At KMK, we deliver an innovative alternative that allows rapid deployment and flexible client support.” - Todd Foster

As our Client Services and Innovation Principal, Todd is responsible for the product roadmap and sales strategy for Vortex, which is our cloud-native data management and analytics platform.
With over 22 years in the life sciences industry, Todd is an expert in commercial data & analytics, building technology solutions, and boosting sales. He is a results-oriented leader who is passionate about solving problems and improving commercial operations.

Areas of Expertise

Todd’s expertise is in three key areas: Life Sciences Commercial Operations, Data Strategy & Management, and Insights and Analytics
Todd has led teams that achieved major milestones in data strategy, analytics, and software solutions. He spearheaded the creation of a cutting-edge SaaS offering, implemented a platform that transformed data access and reporting for clients, and provided strategic direction and governance for a commercial pharma organization, helping them make better decisions faster.
Todd’s stellar track record speaks volumes about his ability to deliver data and analytics to drive tangible business results. Furthermore, he is a clear communicator, adept at conveying complex technical concepts simply.

Career Background

Before joining KMK, Todd excelled as a Commercial Account Partner at Veeva where he oversaw software, services, and data for enterprise accounts. Prior to that, he gained invaluable experience as an industry insider at Biogen, where he led Commercial Data Strategy and Governance. Todd spent 18 years at Trinity Life Sciences, building and leading their data and analytics practice while developing his passion for technology-enabled services and solutions. Todd has a BS in Management from the United States Air Force Academy.