The Significance of Considering Psychological Aspects of Diabetes Patient Care

Considering Psychological Aspects in Diabetes Patient Care When developing a commercial strategy, it’s easy to leave patients’ perspectives and experiences on the sidelines, especially when your primary concern is figuring out how to communicate the drug’s benefit to your stakeholders. In chronic therapeutic areas such as diabetes, the patient experience becomes even more important to […]

How to Use Social Media for Market Research

In preparation for partnering meetings in Japan, our client needed quick, but insightful understanding of diabetes treatment from the perspective of the patient. In response, KMK mined Tobyo, a social media website to analyze diabetes patient diaries and develop a deep dive view of the Japanese diabetes patient experience. Market research in social media is […]

How to Reach Oncologists when Face-to-Face Interaction is Impossible

Introduction How do you reach oncologists when face-to-face interaction is no longer an option? Which social media channels are doctors using to gather medical information? In KMK’s Customer Value and Innovation Study we learned that oncologists working in breast cancer can be divided into two distinct groups with surprisingly different behaviors. The value of support […]