High Cost of Medication Tops the List of Challenges for Gastroenterologists Treating IBS

Gastroenterologists cited a range of challenges treating IBS in KMK’s recent Innovation & Customer Value Survey. Topping the list were the high cost of medication and patient education and understanding of the disease. Concurrently, the study found that support services offered by pharmaceutical companies to lower costs and offer access were most commonly utilized to […]

What are the most important asthma products and what makes them superior?

KMK Consulting’s recent Innovation and Customer Value Survey in asthma explores pulmonologist perspectives on the most important new asthma therapies introduced in the past two years, the innovations they are looking forward to in the next two years, and the companies they see as best positioned to deliver them. To learn more view the infographic. Pulmonologists […]

What Innovations are Oncologists Looking Forward to in Breast Cancer Therapy?

KMK Consulting’s Innovation and Customer Value Survey in breast cancer explores oncologists’ perspectives on the innovations they are looking forward to in the next two years, and the companies they see as best positioned to deliver them. To learn more view the infographic or click on the thumbnail below. Oncologists cite the developments in targeted therapies like […]

KMK’s Split Credit Tool Improves IC Performance

Case Study KMK’s Split Credit Tool accurately links and allocates sales credit to improve the accuracy of IC plan design, IC performance and payout calculation.  BACKGROUND: The United States has experienced vast changes in the health care landscape. Treatment decisions and product purchasing activity is rapidly shifting from the traditional individual physician to a diverse […]

KMK’s Employee Performance Tool Streamlines HQ/Sales Rep Calibration

The KMK Employee Performance Tool centralizes all historical performance data and provides a simple and efficient platform for HQ and field leadership to conduct performance calibration and evaluation. Situation Performance evaluation of field personnel was historically done using separate Excel spreadsheets for each individual rep. The field personnel needed to be evaluated on multiple metrics […]

Field Force Re-Optimization in Anticipation of Loss of Exclusivity (LOE)

How can an established global pharmaceutical brand rebound sales efforts after losing patent protection? A common problem with major pharmaceutical brands is answering the question of what comes after patent protection ends. As part of an effort to refocus and reinvigorate its sales force, this global pharmaceutical company embarked on a Field Force Re-Optimization project. […]

IC Plan Design in Defense of Competitive Entry

Using IC to optimize sales force behavior and generate sales success. Addressing a client’s incentive compensation (IC) plan and implementation can have a significant and immediate impact on changing sales force behavior when priorities shift. In this particular case, our client, a global pharmaceutical company, dominated an expanding market when an unexpected new competitor arrived, […]

Sales Force Effectiveness for Top 20 Pharma

Taking a holistic view in evaluating and revamping sales force effectiveness can have a significant impact on the overall health of multi-national pharmaceutical company. Our client, a large global pharmaceutical was facing a range of outside stressors with regard to brand health and overall effectiveness of its sales force. The client, with a $1B market […]