How To Avoid Costly Mistakes In Pre-launch?

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Acquiring and analyzing appropriate data is the critical next step in developing a strategic plan for commercialization. Despite any previous experience, there are many scenarios to consider while selecting or purchasing data, and what might have worked in the past, could be wrong for the current launch. This whitepaper will explore […]

Data Assessment In Action

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN KMK assisted one of its clients with its ophthalmic product launch. Before the engagement, the data had already been purchased by a vendor without any data assessment and was deemed adequate for the pre-launch. However, one-month post-launch it was found that the reported sales volume per vendor was much lower than […]

Manager, Commercial Analytics 4

The analytical leader with excellent business acumen focused within the pharmaceutical consulting industry. Expert supervisory skills including project management, stakeholder management, and team management. Highly specialized in advanced analytics, promotion mix modeling,patient-level data analytics, brand analytics, and sales force effectiveness. Industry and Project Experience ⦿ Developing Promotional Effectiveness model, SFE model, Digital analytics models for […]

Director, Commercial Analytics 7

Commercial analytics professional with a proven record of successfully achieving results, leading change, and building efficiencies within established and high-growth organizations both domestically and abroad in the medical device, pharmaceutical, bio-surgical, and aesthetics industries. Highly skilled in sales operations and sales resources optimization, incentive compensation, commercial analytics and reporting, and team development. Industry and Project […]

The Art of Building a Flexible Sales Force During COVID-19

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN The emergence of COVID-19 this year has made everything more complicated. Planning for a product launch while managing a sales team in the COVID-19 economy presents a number of unique challenges for an emerging pharmaceutical company. Questions regarding sales structure, forecasting, and customer experience each contribute to the decisions required for […]

Localizing Your BioPharma Commercial Strategy

  Kun Liu KMK Director of SFE Business Unit   Lisa Pilla KMK Star Alliance SFE Category Lead WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Explore the current trends in the healthcare market and get actionable insights on how to leverage business intelligence tools to best manage your commercial teams. – Learn from real-life examples of using this model […]

The Ultimate Plan for Strong Analytics Support to Drive Business Decisions : A no-compromise solution on quality and value

Pharmaceutical commercialization is getting more challenging every day. Analytics talent is in high demand to support informed and insightful business decisions across a global landscape. Yet, despite the increasing market complexity, most commercialization leaders are facing cost reduction pressure resulting in the exploration and assignment of work to lower-cost alternatives. In terms of analytics support, […]

A Roadmap to Success: Five Guiding Principles to Incentive Compensation Planning

Attracting and retaining productive and satisfied sales representatives is paramount to the success of any commercialization effort. Likewise, the sales force incentive plan (IC Plan) is critical to achieving these goals. When properly designed, the Incentive Compensation Plan is an investment that promotes exceptional behavior and motivates sales reps to exceed expectations. In addition, it […]