Smarter Real World Evidence

A Flexible Client-Centered Dashboard Can Help Data Tell a Better Story If analyzed correctly, compelling data can serve business needs and reveal commercial opportunities. The KMK Real World Evidence Dashboard is a customized client-centered approach to help biopharmaceutical companies reach intuitive conclusions faster, save significant time on re-analysis, and improve recall and comprehension with a […]

Strengthen Your Opportunity Assessment with Secondary Data Analysis

Gathering and analyzing primary research data helps to deliver a comprehensive understanding of the target market, enabling businesses to create effective strategies that are tailored for maximum impact-but this only the beginning. Secondary data analysis gives companies the tools they need to quantify their findings and uncover new potential opportunities giving them a 360° view […]

HEOR & RWE: The Path to Effective Drug Development

HEOR & RWE: The Path to Effective Drug Development Since the FDA introduced the 21st Century Cures Act in 2016, pharmaceutical companies have recognized that regulatory approval alone does not determine a drug’s efficacy or even commercial success, compelling them to evaluate every product from a value standpoint. Consequently, today’s pharmaceutical sector relies heavily on […]