KMK Patient Journey Analysis Leads Global Pharma Brand To More Accurate Forecasting

A top ten pharmaceutical company contracted with KMK Consulting to provide a patient journey analysis on its recently introduced medication serving a small, rare disease patient population suffering with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Forecasts based on market research of the patient journey were not being met, and senior management needed a reset based on a more evidence-based research approach of the patient journey. KMK was a proven resource to the client, demonstrating […]

The Patient Journey: Transforming Healthcare into Patientcare

The Patient Journey: Transforming Healthcare into Patientcare With patient journey mapping, you’re no longer taking shots in the dark; you’re making informed, data-driven decisions that cater to your patient’s unique needs.  Imagine this: a fit and healthy 27-year-old woman suddenly feels a sharp pain in her chest, accompanied by a tight sensation on her left […]

The First Seven Miles – A Rare Disease Patient Journey

The First Seven Miles: A Rare Disease Patient Journey Patient centricity has been a decades-long focus of our industry, but most pharma companies are still working to truly adapt to this shift. To help bridge the gap between patients and healthcare, we invited Kyle Bryant, a Rare Disease patient, to share his story with our […]