Understanding the physician treatment decision process

The use of simulation-based cognitive interviewing in physician market research Introduction Understanding the physician treatment decision process is a challenge, butt one necessary to overcome if one is to effectively influence physician behavior.Market researchers strive to determine how the factors of patient characteristics, brand perceptions and insurance coverage may influence the ultimate decision to treat, […]

Integration Level-Up Platform

The Secret to Improving Customer Experience & Satisfaction Our bio-pharmaceutical client needed a customer experience and feedback monitoring program to measure the performance of their customer experience program. The aim was to achieve parity or better in comparison to key competitors’ service offerings by eliminating hurdles to patient initiation tand maintenance.These service hurdles included benefit […]

How to Use Social Media for Market Research

Abstract In preparation for partnering meetings in Japan, our client needed quick, but insightful understanding of diabetes treatment from the perspective of the patient. In response, KMK mined Tobyo, a social media website to analyze diabetes patient diaries and develop a deep dive view of the Japanese diabetes patient experience.Market research in social media is […]

Agile Market Research Approaches, the Way to Faster Results

Company work environments are fast paced and have a demand for quicker, real-time data results in order to make confident business decisions. Across industries, the need for speed is more urgent in order to take action and keep up or outpace competition. Advances in technology, software, and data are changing the ways businesses operate. Time […]

Applying Behavioral Models to Market Research Surveys

A diabetes case study helps Madhuri Pawar illustrate how causal models allow marketing researchers to develop strong, analysis-based explanations. Behavioral models based on comprehensive causal analysis (like the COM-B model) give market researchers a powerful tool for developing explanations with strong analytic techniques. Read more from KMK Market Research Analyst Madhuri Pawar‘s article in Quirk’s Marketing […]

How to use narrative to derive patient journey insights

We all appreciate a good story. As researchers, however, we sometimes overlook the power of narrative in exploring one of the most basic topics in health care market research – the patient journey. When we rush to impose prefabricated schema on the patient’s encounter with illness, we can miss the explanatory arc that emerges from […]

High Cost of Medication Tops the List of Challenges for Gastroenterologists Treating IBS

Gastroenterologists cited a range of challenges treating IBS in KMK’s recent Innovation & Customer Value Survey. Topping the list were the high cost of medication and patient education and understanding of the disease. Concurrently, the study found that support services offered by pharmaceutical companies to lower costs and offer access were most commonly utilized to […]

What are the most important asthma products and what makes them superior?

KMK Consulting’s recent Innovation and Customer Value Survey in asthma explores pulmonologist perspectives on the most important new asthma therapies introduced in the past two years, the innovations they are looking forward to in the next two years, and the companies they see as best positioned to deliver them. To learn more view the infographic. Pulmonologists […]