KMK 2023 Annual Award Ceremony

The KMK 2023 Annual Awards ceremony took place last month, and once again we are blown away by the amazing talent on display here at KMK. The winners of this year’s awards truly represent the best of the best in their respective departments, covering our wide range of focus areas from Commercial Operations & Analytics, […]

Gritty and Fearless: How to succeed at KMK

It was a pleasant day in Morristown and Jing Yu, a director at KMK, was oscillating between offices and conference rooms when approached for this interview. She quickly remarked: “I have not been interviewed like this before, but I am also looking forward to opening up about my journey of growth at KMK.” Jing received […]

East Meets West: The KMK Way

We were extremely pleased to host KMK China employees Yuan Cheng and Kelly Qiao Song at KMK’s corporate office in Morristown, NJ. Over their two-month stay, they made a lot of memories, and in keeping with KMK’s commitment to complete transparency, we used this opportunity to share our past experiences and current knowledge with one […]