“How Did it Land?”: Uncovering the Psychological Dynamics of Effective Sales Reps

All Insights Learn more about our approach Share this event: Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MWI-QTFuJU Achieving success in the competitive pharmaceutical industry requires a highly effective sales force. To ensure this, teams must follow key steps: defining target market, identifying territories, monitoring rep performance, and implementing a […]

Strategic Planning for Medical Affairs: Adding Value Efficiently

Presented by Marina Brodsky PhD. and Diane Martire MD MPH of the KMK Star Alliance Air date: October 27, 2022 (45 mins) Watch now Medical affairs are crucial for communication of scientific information between companies and industry leaders, but the growing responsibility of the department has led to various challenges. One of these is effective […]

Ready, Set, Launch – Why Technology is Key to a Successful Product Launch

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Learn why technology and IT readiness are critical to your next product launch Biotech companies have one chance to launch their product successfully. Data and well-integrated applications are critical to the success of your launch, especially for a company’s first launch, but the importance of technology and IT readiness are often […]

Access Granted Webinar: Transforming the Customer Access Landscape

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Learn how to access customers in key accounts and effectively engage decision makers The healthcare market is rapidly changing due to consolidation, a shift to value-based reimbursement, and the advent of digital access to information. As a result, the skills required to access key accounts and engage key decision-makers also need […]

The Invisible Customer: How Private Equity Owned Practices are Changing the Biopharma Industry

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN How the impact of private equity acquisition and management of healthcare practices is changing the biopharma market landscape. What PE firms’ practice management strategy is, including financial objectives, ownership tenure, and exit strategy. About the implications of PE practice management on emerging customer segments for biopharma engagement and potential areas of […]

Exploring Behavior Change

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Behavioral science is a topic of study that in recent years has become a very good companion to help analyze findings from market research. By better understanding the underlying drivers of behavior, we can also better put into context the actions that our respondents describe during their interviews (qualitative and quantitative). […]

KMK Consulting, Inc. Launches On-Demand SME Network

KMK Consulting, Inc. unveils KMK Star Alliance – an on-demand SME sourcing platform for the biopharma and life sciences industries. MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY, US, November 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — KMK Consulting, Inc., a commercial analytics consultancy delivering commercial operations, primary market research, sales force effectiveness, and advanced analytics for the biopharma industry, is proud to […]