Smarter Real World Evidence

A Flexible Client-Centered Dashboard Can Help Data Tell a Better Story If analyzed correctly, compelling data can serve business needs and reveal commercial opportunities. The KMK Real World Evidence Dashboard is a customized client-centered approach to help biopharmaceutical companies reach intuitive conclusions faster, save significant time on re-analysis, and improve recall and comprehension with a […]

Uncover the Bigger Picture: Answering Business Questions Holistically

While Pharma companies often are structured in silos, KMK can help break down these silos by integrating secondary data from other areas of your business with primary approaches, allowing you to maximize the insights you have available to answer business questionsAre you tired of working in silos within your organization? KMK can help! Our expertise […]

Understanding the Patient Journey through a Cross-functional Lens

At KMK, we take a collaborative approach to helping our clients truly understand their patients’ journeys. Our cross-functional teams combine Real World Evidence and Strategy & Insights to gather insights from a mix of data sources, including claims and EHR data, which we then analyze to identify gaps and understand market needs. We then dig […]

Strengthen Your Opportunity Assessment with Secondary Data Analysis

Gathering and analyzing primary research data helps to deliver a comprehensive understanding of the target market, enabling businesses to create effective strategies that are tailored for maximum impact-but this only the beginning. Secondary data analysis gives companies the tools they need to quantify their findings and uncover new potential opportunities giving them a 360° view […]

HEOR & RWE: The Path to Effective Drug Development

HEOR & RWE: The Path to Effective Drug Development Since the FDA introduced the 21st Century Cures Act in 2016, pharmaceutical companies have recognized that regulatory approval alone does not determine a drug’s efficacy or even commercial success, compelling them to evaluate every product from a value standpoint. Consequently, today’s pharmaceutical sector relies heavily on […]

Now Is The Time To Use An Interactive Flow Diagram To Tell Patient Narratives

Background The digital evolution of the pharmaceutical industry has made it easier to track various aspects of a patient’s journey and represent complex data with interactive and understandable flow diagrams. Rather than simply plotting possible pathways, these intelligent diagrams and graphs enable healthcare practitioners and researchers to explore and analyze hidden relationships and receive instant […]

Senior Associate, HEOR C00113

Over six years of experience in the HEOR/RWE space with proven expertise in RWE studies using SAS based on claims, EMR, and registry data. Rich background in categorical data analysis, survival analysis, randomized trial designs analysis, macro definitions, debugging programs, and documentation in both SAS and R programming environments. Expert in Advanced Excel/VBA including mastery […]

Migraine Study Demonstrates Impact of Treatment Failures on Healthcare System

Summary: The economic burden caused by treatment failures of migraine was explored in a study led by Dr. Lujia Zhou, KMK Consulting, Inc. The study results, published in The Journal of Neurology, “Economic Burden Increased with Number of Treatment Failures in Migraine Patients -A Retrospective Claims Database Analysis in the United States (1485),”demonstrated clearly that […]