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Supporting an Emerging Pharma Company’s Product Launch with an Integrated, End-to-End Data Management Platform 

The Challenge

An emerging pharmaceutical company had acquired a new product to launch and was faced with the dilemma of having non-integrated data from disparate sources such as SP’s, IQVIA, sales activities, claims, affiliations and DCR. In addition, their current system lacked integration with 3rd party systems such as CRMs, MedPro and Concur.  

Although master data management is designed to treat enterprise information as a strategic asset, and provide the end-to-end business oversight to pave the way for strategic and operational decisions, the lack of transparency and data challenges resulting from fragmented data sources was dramatically hindering the client’s efforts to successfully use the data.  

Recognizing the need to overcome its data siloes to rely on a single-source data strategy to support its launch efforts, the client turned to KMK to provide the requisite master data management to warehouse, integrate and manage the data, as well as provide business insights based on a single data reference integrated from multiple sources and varied business transformations. 


KMK turned to its proprietary, cloud-based data management platform, Vortex, to create a data solution to drive and deliver business insights for the client. Vortex is an integrated master data management platform covering data collection, data mastering, data quality, data cataloging and self-serve analytics.  

Working with the business team and other downstream systems, KMK first set up a data management warehouse that was built to ingest all the data from disparate sources. KMK then implemented a scalable, flexible Master Data Management (MDM) platform with a configurable supportive framework taking all the data, scrubbing it and then integrating it into one longitudinal data exchange with the CRM. An analytical data mart was established in a preferred format for power users within the MDM to provide insights and perform analytics for the sales team. Transparency in data operations was achieved, with users able to view data processing in real time and receive notifications on data changes. 

To further enrich the data and subsequent analysis, KMK developed address standardization capabilities and designed processes to support specific business rules such as specialty determination, best address and TDDD Ohio relationship. Vortex’s pre-built and self-serve reporting and analytics capabilities supported the business and analytical needs of multiple cross-functional commercial stakeholders and were accessible from platform such as Tableau, Power BI, Python & R. The client’s data was no longer being simply stored, but was set up to be used for insights to drive the business. 

The successful deployment of the Vortex master data management platform improved the client’s overall data quality and data management system and led to KMK providing data stewardship and ongoing operations support post-launch. Vortex improved the client’s overall sales effectiveness, business performance and CRM integration. 

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