Pharmaceutical Sales Force Optimization

Making sure your sales force is achieving all that it can is a challenge in today’s demanding pharmaceutical sales environment.

You need to determine the most effective structure and size for your sales teams, defined for optimal territory coverage and offer details based on physician promotion response and preferences. Working with KMK, your sales force will better reach brand targets and deliver the required ROI for overall business success.

That’s where KMK can help. We offer the experience and technology, backed with industry data, to partner with you in optimizing your sales force.

Partner with KMK to establish the optimal sales force mix and size of teams to generate higher sales, detail multiple products, support new product launches, and defend against new competitive products.

Using a strategic and analytical process in combination with creativity and flexibility, we will evaluate the efforts required to promote your desired ROI.

The more you and your reps understand how targets will respond to your promotional efforts, the more successful you will be.

An effective territory alignment is a key to the success of your sales force.

No matter what your reason for sales force restructuring is, more than likely it offers a huge challenge. Drawing upon a “One Size Fits All” approach can have serious repercussions.