Pharmaceutical Market Event Impact Analysis


At KMK, we have the resources and experience to not only help you better prepare for the unexpected but to be proactive when faced with new market dynamics.

No matter how well you understand the market or how many promotional plans you have prepared, the market is continually evolving and impacting your efforts and expectations. Unexpected events like a generic product outage might result in significant adoption of your product, while a pandemic like COVID 19 might diminish demand for your product and even shrink your market size. How you respond to these market impacts can make or break you.

To help you quickly build up a strategic plan towards the new market events, our Market Event Impact Analysis team will partner with you to quickly build a strategic plan focused on the new market events, leveraging all the data available for evaluation and quantifying the short- and long-term impacts. We will help you quickly identify the optimum customer targets and the channels and activities you should put in place to best reach those targets to win a head start against your competition.

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