Commercial Operations Consulting for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Designing and optimizing the sales force is critical to the success of any commercialization effort.

Together We Solve Your Challenges in Generating Sales Force Effectiveness

Are you faced with

How to best differentiate from your competitor?

KMK’s best-in-class competitor analysis will give you the decided advantage in the healthcare marketplace.

Understanding what channel(s) offer the desired impact?

KMK will monitor and track multi-channel promotions giving you the analytics needed to tailor the best promotional outreach plans for your targets.

Determining the sales team size and rep profiles needed to effectively reach your targets?

Our team has the data, technology tools and expertise to help you design the most effective pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sales force structure.

Identifying the targets representing the most opportunity for your brand?

KMK will work with you to leverage data on demographics, writing behavior and promotional response to target efficiently to achieve success.

Creating the proper incentives to drive desired sales behavior?

Trust the experts at KMK to help you attract, incentivize and retain pharmaceutical sales personnel with a custom incentive compensation plan.

Knowing when and how to pivot to remain on track and within budget?

KMK can help you with a proactive and agile territory alignment and quarterly targeting to be ever-prepared to meet the changing healthcare landscape.

KMK has the experience and technology-driven tools, backed by industry data, to help you plan and structure effective sales force teams and promotional efforts to maximize your ROI. From Incentive Compensation Plans and Sales Force Structure and Sizing to Competitor Analysis, you can rely on KMK as your partner in achieving optimal sales force effectiveness.

Commercial Sales Operations​

Running your sales operations is demanding.  Optimizing results can be an even more complex and daunting task. You need reports & data to support sales call plans and territory coverage reaching the optimal target deciles.

KMK offers what you need to optimize results: 

⦿ Incentive Compensation Planning​

⦿ Call Planning

⦿ Reporting and Ad-hoc Support

⦿ Quarterly Targeting​ 

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Sales Force Optimization​

Making sure your sales force is achieving all that it can is a challenge in today’s demanding pharmaceutical sales environment.

That’s where KMK Consulting can help you.

⦿ Sales Force Structure

⦿ Sales Force Sizing

⦿ Promotion Response

⦿ Territory Alignment Design

⦿ Organization Restructuring 

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Commercial Analytics

Process automation and data-driven predictive insights – including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data mining – are changing how pharmaceutical executives make strategic decisions across commercial operations.

See how KMK can help you navigate with: 

⦿ Marketing Tactics

⦿ Market Event Impact Analysis 

⦿ Competitor Analysis 

⦿ Long Term Forecasting

⦿ Patient Analytics 

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