Pharma Marketing Research and Analytics Services

KMK can provide you with the data and analysis that best meets your research requirements.

Market research techniques are varied, and come with their own nuances and shortcomings. Our experienced team understands these pitfalls, specifically within the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, we are able to help you design the most effective methodology or combination thereof to aid your decision making.

That’s where KMK can help. Choose from quantitative, qualitative, performance measurement, market assessment, patient journey mapping and simulation methodologies. 

If you are not getting as much as you’d like from your quantitative research, try KMK.

At KMK, we seamlessly merge qualitative research theory with deep industry and therapy area expertise to address your research needs.

KMK is the partner you can rely on to help monitor marketplace performance, whether for newly launched or mature products. 

Strategically assess the viability and potential of new products and indications so critical to effective pipeline development, product portfolio optimization and lifecycle management.

KMK delivers patient journey mapping designed specifically to help you fully understand the decisions and behaviors of patients as well as those who care for them.

KMK can meet your need for engaging research in a variety of respondent situations and deliver deeper insights.