Market Research

KMK delivers a complete portfolio of evidence-based support for commercial decision-making, from early product planning through post-launch performance monitoring. 

Working hand-in-hand across marketing sciences, forecasting, sales force effectiveness, and data management practices, we can help you develop integrated analytic solutions that address  your needs — comprehensively, efficiently, and effectively.

KMK’s Commercial Intelligence Architecture solves a critical business challenge by giving you effective, evidence-based guidance for commercial success across the product lifecycle. Our integrated framework for assembling key market learnings and socializing new insights eliminates inadequacies arising with individual market research studies better equipped to provide guidance for discrete commercial decisions.  

KMK’s market research team will give you the best research output and analysis based on our extensive experience in solving client project needs. We understand the nuances  and shortfalls of all market research techniques and will help you devise the most effective methodology or combination thereof to aid your decision making. Choose from quantitative, qualitative, performance measurement, market assessment, patient journey mapping and simulation methodologies.

With decades of experience conducting global healthcare studies across a wide range of therapy areas and audiences, we at KMK understand that the success of global research depends largely upon helping our clients address the needs of multiple internal stakeholders across the world.  With a multi-lingual staff and appreciation of our clients’ unique business cultures, we promote the highest level of coordination and collaboration in our multinational research projects.  For our clients, this means global research insights with global impact.