Market Research​

KMK delivers a complete portfolio of evidence-based support for commercial decision-making, from early product planning through post-launch performance monitoring. 

Together We Solve the Challenges in Understanding Your Market and Stakeholder Dynamics.

Are you concerned about

Identifying the right patients for your brand despite disparate data sources?

KMK’s experienced analysts will cull through the appropriate data sets and integrate those learnings with qualitative target product profiles to make sure you are targeting the correct patients.

How the ever-changing market and channel landscape is impacting your commercialization strategy?

The KMK team creates effective, evidence-based guidance in real-time across the product lifecycle using an integrated framework for delivering key market learnings to aid your commercial decision making.

What are the optimal channel strategies you need to deploy to win a therapeutic category?

KMK’s experienced team is adept at researching those strategies that will resonate with your stakeholders as well as delivering a performance monitoring system to keep you abreast of the shifting landscape.

Understanding the true drivers of patient and prescriber behavior so you can design impactful programs to nudge them towards your brand?

KMK offers you a range of simulation techniques to deliver research reflecting attitudes and behaviors based on real-life scenarios so your brand programs will resonate.

What is the best way to communicate your brand’s value and efficacy to the many stakeholders involved in your go-to-market strategy?

You can rely on KMK to identify the appropriate stakeholders for your brand and then create a marketing framework based on quantitative and qualitative research to give you a total picture for analysis and planning.

Identifying what is needed to fuel your product pipeline to ensure continued growth?

KMK offers a variety of research techniques to identify therapeutic areas most in need of product solutions as well as providing market mapping techniques to better assess the opportunity.

KMK offers a cost-effective consulting solution - KMK Market Research Forensics and Frameworking - to help biopharma clients better understand the market intelligence they have and the market intelligence they still need.

Working hand-in-hand across marketing sciences, forecasting, sales force effectiveness, and data management practices, we can help you develop integrated analytic solutions that address your needs — comprehensively, efficiently, and effectively.

Commercial Intelligence Architecture 

KMK’s Commercial Intelligence Architecture solves a critical business challenge by giving you effective, evidence-based guidance for commercial success across the product lifecycle.

Our integrated framework for assembling key market learnings and socializing new insights eliminates inadequacies arising with individual market research studies better equipped to provide guidance for discrete commercial decisions.   

KMK offers what you need to optimize results: 

⦿ Incentive Compensation Planning​

⦿ Market Map 

⦿ Patient Flow and Journey 

⦿ Stakeholder 360 

⦿ Strategy Driver 

⦿ CIA Dashboard 

⦿ Strategic Marketing Framework 

Marketing Analytics​

KMK’s market research team will give you the best research output and analysis based on our extensive experience in solving client project needs. We understand the nuances and shortfalls of all market research techniques and will help you devise the most effective methodology or combination thereof to aid your decision making. Choose from quantitative, qualitative, performance measurement, market assessment, patient journey mapping and simulation methodologies. 

That’s where KMK Consulting can help you.

⦿  Quantitative Research 

⦿  Qualitative Research 

⦿  Patient Journey Mapping 

⦿  Performance Measurement 

⦿  Market Assessment 

⦿  Simulation 

Global Reach

With decades of experience conducting global healthcare studies across a wide range of therapy areas and audiences, we at KMK understand that the success of global research depends largely upon helping our clients address the needs of multiple internal stakeholders across the world.  With a multi-lingual staff and appreciation of our clients’ unique business cultures, we promote the highest level of coordination and collaboration in our multinational research projects.  For our clients, this means global research insights with global impact. 

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