Market Access

Our experienced team of Pricing & Market Access professionals have worked in many leading Life Science Consulting firms, and bring the breadth and depth of their expertise and critical thinking to solving the toughest strategic pricing and access problems our clients face. 

Stephen Deitch

Lead Principal

Bob Swann

Associate Principal

Services & Solutions

Pricing and Access for Commercial Optimization

Supporting strategic decision makers with best-in-class pricing and market access solutions and implementation

Clinical Development and Evidence Generation Planning

Informing and creating compelling clinical and commercial evidence for maximizing value potential

Healthcare systems evolution

Tracking and forecasting market access evolution and policy for landscaping and environmental assessment

Stakeholder engagement

Creating high impact value communications and partnership frameworks for decision makers

Investment decision support

Transforming unique payer and access insights into actionable recommendations and results-driven investment decisions

How We Work

The KMK team are committed to developing solutions through a rigorous hypothesis driven partnership with our clients​.  

We employ an “Agile mindset” – a thought process that involves understanding, collaborating, learning, and staying flexible to achieve high-performing results. By combining the agile mindset with KMK’s well-established processes and tools, our teams can adapt to change and deliver incremental value to our clients. 

1) Hypotheses assessment

Guided analysis and strategic scenario planning

Use of high-level data sources to support secondary research

Expert-driven hypotheses development to identify and understand the issue

2) Robust methodologies

Optimal utilization of stakeholders’ knowledge by using a broad range of market research methodologies from behavioral science-driven, to design thinking and experimental design

3) Strong stakeholder network

Payer contacts in key developed and developing markets supplemented by a network of policy advisors and academics

Accurate and insightful data capture from this unique stakeholder mix

4) Embedding Analytics insights

A highly specialised team of analytics experts supporting secondary data capabilities utilising a model agnostic approach enhancing decision making process during product launch phase

5) High Quality deliverables

An ability to provide a range of deliverable formats depending on the project need

Where appropriate we can produce final materials in Power BI, web-based platforms and adaptive models where Powerpoint and Excel do not deliver sufficiently

6) Best in class expertise and synthesis

We synthesise our findings and insight with reliable and up to date expertise from our team bringing actionable and pragmatic recommendations and a focus on the most important implications for you, your team and your organization

7) Embedding HEOR/commercial strategy insights

Where needed we have access to HEOR/RWE and commercial strategy teams who can supplement projects with this expertise when required

Areas of Differentiation

We provide adaptable and costeffective solutions driven by a dedicated Market Access team integrated with the other Centers of Expertise within KMK. The core values of being trustworthy, an expert in our field, and flexible within our client work is at the heart of everything we do. 


Dedication to quality delivery and thinking

A team, that doesn’t overcommit but overdelivers

True collaborative style with clear senior leadership and visibility

A rigorous analytical approach driven by intellectual curiosity and critical thinking


Knowledge and Industry Experience
Dedicated with over 30 years experience in global healthcare and strategic pricing and market access across all geographies and disease areas

Integrated approach
We bring together top-notch analytics, HEOR & RWE and commercial  strategy expertise to deliver broader insights to pricing and access solutions when needed


Adaptive style
A small agile team, that responds quickly to changes according to client needs, drawing on its broader onshore and offshore talent pool

Client Ownership
We ensure client teams full input to projects and consider the broader client audience in deliverables

Recent Publications

Capturing the Holistic Value of Biosimilars in Europe
Part 1: A Historical Perspective

Co-authored by Stephen Deitch, This original research paper examines the evolution of the clinical, economic and access contributions made by biosimilars in Europe. The study, informed by research with a wide variety of European stakeholders, and guided by an expert panel, looks at the broad impact of biosimilars; why and how this impact has varied across markets.

Look out for Part 2 soon – examining the future of biosimilars and how future value can be safeguarded!

Innovative Contracting in Europe
A Double Hurdle to Value?

Over the last two decades, the European pharma market has experimented with several models to share financial risks and improve #patient access. But was it actually a successful move?

Join Stephen Deitch, our Global Head of Market Access, as he delves into some real-world examples to find the answers in this PM360 article.

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