Real World Evidence and Data Strategy for Pharma


KMK has the experience, team and technology needed for gathering and evaluating the real world evidence (RWE) needed to increase commercial success.

With data generation increasing and technologies constantly evolving to address the data, real world evidence (RWE) has become increasingly important in addressing pharmaceutical product development and use. Developing the expertise in-house to navigate the many data sources and certify that is “fit-for-purpose,” can be overwhelming. That’s where KMK can help.

We have the experience, team and technology to assist our clients in gathering and evaluating the necessary intelligence throughout a product life cycle. We will explore markets and disease populations in the pre-clinical stage, evaluate clinical and economic outcomes in Phase I- Phase III trials, and demonstrate and monitor real world use once the product is launched. We will conduct the feasibility tests and multiple comparisons to ensure you have clear insights to support your decision making

Work with KMK on RWE analysis to tell your product’s value story using Real World Data.

We collect data from insurers, patients, and physicians, in addition to facilities’ information, to fuel the insights leading to accurately predict post-market medication behavior, ultimately leading to better allocation of resources, improved decision-making, increased commercial success, and positive impact on patients’ lives.

KMK’s RWE and Data Strategy Services for Pharma offer

Resources augmenting efficient programming and analytical thinking.

Experience with various data sources and solid statistical foundations enabling us to deliver quality/actionable results on time.

Accurate time and task management combined with consistent communication to satisfy client expectationsand reach stated goals.

On-shore and off-shore support to meet any sized budgetand timeline.