Health Economics + Outcomes Research

Rely on KMK to develop the health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) to guide your healthcare-related evaluations with regulators, providers, payers, patients. Learn More.

KMK has the team and experience you need to develop the health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) to guide your healthcare-related evaluations.

Not only do we draw upon epidemiologic and real-world data, but also patient-reported outcomes, biostatistics, clinical studies, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses to provide the robust insights you need to create communications on your product’s value proposition for:

Work with KMK on HEOR to better evaluate the issues impacting the pharmaceutical industry today throughout pre-clinical, clinical and post-market stages.  

Disease Landscape

KMK will make sure you have the real world evidence (RWE) needed to make better decisions and jump start your development strategy. We will cover such factors as:

Understanding the disease

  • What’s the disease epidemiology?
  • Is there under and/or a delayed diagnosis issue?

Understanding patients with the diagnosis

  • What’s the patient profile?
  • How long will it take to get treated from the time of diagnosis?
  • Who is seeing those patients?

Understanding the treatment patterns

  • What’s the proportion of patients getting treated?
  • What’s the current treatment dynamics?
  • Who is prescribing?
  • How patients are compliant to the medication?

Burden of Illness Research

KMK will help you understand the cost impact of illness in order to design and manage effective health care and identify unmet needs. We can work with you to develop burden-of-illness research studies which will demonstrate areas of improvement and opportunity to enhance your product value story. Using real world studies, we can investigate:

  • The economics burden demonstrated by the direct and indirect cost of healthcare including all medical costs, pharmacy costs and indirect costs such as loss of productivity, travel burden, etc.
  • Healthcare resource utilization measuring frequent switching of treatment, low adherence or misuse of treatment.
  • The clinical burden addressing comorbidities, adverse events, mortality and incidence of polypharmacy.
  • Patient reported outcomes including their symptoms, satisfaction and quality of life factors.

Patient Journey Mapping and Analysis for Pharma

respond during each phase of a disease is critical to communicating effectively and maintaining patient adherence to treatment protocols. KMK will work with you to uncover the competitive and environmental dynamics influencing both the market and patients during the course of the disease so you can leverage these insights to inform your brand strategy. We can generate complex models to generate economic evidence in

  • Disease progression – We can design studies to explore disease history and patient preferences
  • Treatment journey – We can conduct real world studies to monitor drug safety profiles, adherence / persistence rates, resource utilization and effectiveness against other treatments

Clinical Trial Optimization

KMK will help you improve trial design to optimize success. Through our studies we can demonstrate improved protocol design and site selection strategy, ultimately reducing trial failure rates. We will provide the evidence critical to:

  • Understanding the impact of inclusion/exclusion criteria design on patient attrition
  • Identifying investigational sites
  • Developing a synthetic control arm for clinical trials

Post-launch Market Access

Achieving optimal formulary positioning requires evidence-based negotiation. KMK can help you negotiate with strength with all payers. We will conduct real-world studies and comparative research to generate the evidence needed for

  • Comparative effectiveness, illustrating outcomes between patient subgroups
  • Developing an OBC customer tool
  • Value-based contracts
  • The identification of subpopulations who will be benefit the most with your therapy

Post-launch Real World Studies for Pharmaceutical Business Insights

KMK can help you gather the post launch business insights so critical to business planning and achieving targeted success. With these real-world-based study insights, you can determine how and when to pivot to meet competitive threats, better address physician needs or develop outcome-based contracts with payers. Our HEOR team can conduct real world studies such as:

  • Patient segmentation to help better physician targeting
  • Healthcare provider (HCP) behavior and adoption
  • Product adherence and persistence
  • Resource utilization