Health Economics Outcomes Research (HEOR)
Real World Data (RWD) & Real World Evidence (RWE) ​

We have the data capabilities, tools and experience to help you develop your product's value story to reveal business insights for better decision-making.

Are you concerned about

Addressing product safety concerns and risk factors for regulators?

KMK’s team will work with you using real world data to understand the exposure, epidemiology, patient profiling as well as safety concerns that will best support your case to regulators.

The need to optimize clinical trial design?

KMK can provide the evidence you need to improve protocol design and patient and site selection strategy to minimize trial failures.

Presenting convincing real world data to healthcare providers to aid their decision making?

KMK will partner with you to develop your product’s HEOR studies demonstrating the latest findings on patient characteristics and treatment patterns as well as identifying the subgroups best suited to the medication

Helping patients understand the effectiveness of and cost justification for your brand?

KMK’s team draws upon extensive experience in real world data to generate the clinical and economic evidence to best support your product’s treatment protocols and effectiveness.

The need to demonstrate value for optimal formulary positioning?

You can rely on KMK to generate all the real world evidence needed to support your product value story and gain negotiation power.

How to optimize brand adoption strategies?

KMK’s HEOR team will conduct real world studies on product adherence and adoption to understand how your product is used in the real world and will work with you to map the patient journey so you can readily identify business challenges and opportunities.

We are an efficient, cost-effective resource with the relevant experience in statistical methodologies, programming, and data research and analysis to support your HEOR/RWE Analytics Team with:

RWE analytical and programming needs with efficient, high quality implementation of RWD analytical projects

RWE data visualization, offering an effective way to share personalized, interactive product value message 

RWE analytics platform development where we work collaboratively with your internal technology teams to establish an enterprise analytics platform  

We deep dive into Real World Data (RWD) with rigorous scientific methodologies and advanced Big Data processing tools to generate the Real World Evidence (RWE) you need to communicate effectively and support your HEOR case to all stakeholders with the value of your product.

Work with KMK to develop and communicate your unique HEOR value proposition to key stakeholders.

KMK can help you develop the clinical evidence required to best understand the risks and benefits associated with your product throughout its product life cycle.

KMK’s IT specialists will work with clients to build RWE analytics capabilities and state-of-the art data visualization to support commercialization success.

Work with KMK to design the optimal tier positioning in outcome-based contracts.

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