Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR) | Real World Evidence (RWE)

We can help you develop your product's value story to reveal business insights for better decision-making.

KMK has extensive experience in working with a variety of Real World Data (RWD), including administrative claims data, electronic health records, registries, and government databases.

Communicate your unique value proposition to key stakeholders:

That's were KMK can help. We deep dive into the data with rigorous scientific methodologies and advanced Big Data processing tools to generate the Real World Evidence (RWE) you need to communicate effectively on the value of your product.

KMK will make sure you have the RWE needed to make better decisions and jump start your development strategy.

Understanding how patients and caregivers respond during each phase of a disease is critical to communicating effectively and maintaining patient adherence to treatment protocols.

Work with KMK’s expert HEOR team to optimize your clinical trial.

KMK will help you understand the cost impact of illness in order to design and manage effective health care and identify unmet needs.

Achieving optimal formulary positioning requires evidence-based negotiation.

KMK can help you gather the post launch business insights so critical to business planning and achieving targeted success.