Commercial Analytics Consulting Solutions

Committing to a full-time resource is not always the best solution to your problem. KMK offers a full range of consulting support from full-time data analysts, bench resources for ad-hoc projects, to entire talent teams for specific projects. By relying on KMK’s advanced analytic support you can significantly boost your ability to quickly ramp up for new projects. The unique structure of our business allows for quick and easy addition or reallocation of team members based on your needs and business objectives at that time.

That’s where KMK can help. We do the hiring, training and mentoring of our resources who can work on or off-site working with you in partnership to achieve your objectives. We make sure that we get to know your teams’ intentions, leadership and culture so we can add immediate value to your roster with the right on-site support. Our model encourages our resources to think as part of your team and deliver for the success of the engagement. 

Get the talented bench strength you need when you need it most.

Brand Analytics​

Specializing in: 

⦿ Brand Performance

⦿ Patient Journey

⦿ Marketing Analytics

⦿ Forecasting

⦿ Ad-hoc Analysis

Data Analysis & Reporting​

Specializing in: 

⦿ Data Collection, Management & Governance

⦿ Data Aggregation & Integration

⦿ Complete Data Analysis

⦿ Custom Reporting

Do you face these challenges?

You have a specific project requiring a unique skill set that you’re lacking internally.

KMK has extensive experience in hiring, training and mentoring talent to fulfill any data analytics function. Let us help you.

You want to try someone out before offering a permanent position.

Let KMK fill the position on a test basis to give you time to determine if the fit is right for your organization.

The volume of work isn’t consistent, but you need someone available on short notice.

KMK has an existing pool of data analysts ready to step in at a moment’s notice, working on-site or remotely from our organization.

You need to ramp up quickly for a new project.

KMK has the bench strength to meet any project need. We will make sure that the team we place is appropriate for your culture and has the requisite management support.

You’re unable to secure budget sign off for an in-house hire.

KMK can fill the position with on or off-site analysts, ready to hit the ground running.