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Smarter Real World Evidence: A Flexible Client-Centered Dashboard Can Help Data Tell a Better Story

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If analyzed correctly, compelling data can serve business needs and reveal commercial opportunities. The KMK Real World Evidence Dashboard is a customized client-centered approach to help biopharmaceutical companies reach intuitive conclusions faster, save significant time on re-analysis, and improve recall and comprehension with a clean graphical approach to sharing the story inherent in the data.

Real World Evidence (RWE) analysis allows us to tell a product’s value story using Real World Data. The data collected from insurers, patients, and physicians, in addition to facilities’ information, can allow one to accurately predict postmarket medication behaviors and provide for better allocation of resources. By studying Real World Data, we can gain the many insights needed to improve decision-making, increase commercial success, and affect patients’ lives.

However, the decision-making process is never a direct route. It involves numerous detours along the way requiring feasibility tests and  multiple comparisons to maximize the benefits of Real World Evidence, thereby ensuring the best decisions are made. As analysts in support of our biopharmaceutical clients, our mission is to convert the raw data into several huge and complex story lines. The first priority is to narrate the story efficiently, precisely, and vividly.

Traditionally, the story has been recorded in a static book with illustrations to interpret the contents. When using Real World Evidence, the analysis has been delivered in a spreadsheet with several static charts. As technology has evolved, various unconventional methods of presenting data have improved the story, with dynamic and interactive functions. Now there are Numerous visualization tools on the market, such as Tableau, Power BI, Spotfire®, and Shiny, and all fulfill different demonstration requirements. Our choice for our Real World Evidence analysis and delivery tool is R/R Shiny based on its strengths in building models, designing algorithms, and developing useful visualizations. As an innovative technology solution built on top of the Shiny platform, the KMK RWE Dashboard offers a more complete communication tool, not only for its flexibility, interactivity, and visualization, but for its capability to accommodate different types of Real World Data.


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