Advanced Analytics

Senior Consultant, Commercial Analytics, C00101

Experienced Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in analytics, consulting & management for US healthcare industry with strengths in claims and affiliations data. An IIT Graduate skilled in Python, PySpark, Big Data Analytics, SQL, Alteryx, and Microsoft Office.

Professional Experience:

KMK Consulting Inc., NJ  (May 2021 – Present)
Associate Director

⦿ Algorithmic Market Share Projection: Create an innovative algorithm-based projection methodology for total and new to brand market shares for an oncology product based on APLD (Prescription) and NSP (Sales) data. Provided accurate trends aligned with business expectations as compared to existing IQVIA Market Sizing Projections.
⦿ Brand Portfolio Optimization: Help brand analytics team with Marketing Mix analyses e.g., 600 mil multi-brand portfolio spend optimization across various channels.
⦿ Field Optimization: Field call optimization using excel solver based on response curve for Heme brand & tiers.
⦿ Field Contest Bands: Using MCMC simulation create target bands for field contests to promote brand growth.
⦿ Adhoc Analytics: Covid Impact, Field Activity & Brand Performance trackers etc.
⦿ Other Internal Responsibilities: Mentoring and managing performance for a team of 6-10, helping with proposals, internal capabilities, hiring etc.

Analytical Consulting Firm, CA (Oct 2020 – Apr 2021)
Sr. Consultant

⦿ Physician Referral Prediction: Predict the next line of therapy initiating HCP using Random Forest model to identify right targets for the initial phase of a rare disease product launch.
⦿ Big Data M&E: Guiding a team of 5-6 analysts/developers on any maintenance & enhancements or development of existing Big Data analytics processes in PySpark pipeline (in AWS environment) tracking various KPIs based on IQVIA Sales, SHA, IQVIA Claims, DRG / MMIT Payer and IQVIA Affiliations data for sales and marketing teams across onc and non-onc markets for a big biotech firm.

Analytical Consulting Firm, CA (May’2018 – Sep’2020)

⦿ Market Segmentation of US Pharma Health Systems: Used K-means clustering and control-test analysis for segmentation to understand the role and influence of Health Systems over HCPs in US Pharma.
⦿ Client wanted to strategize their approach for Sales Reps and KAMs to have maximum impact and growth during the launch of their product.
⦿ Sales Force Sizing: Worked with SHA claims data to analyze different sales force strategies and determine optimal sales force size for various business scenarios in the rare disease market before the product launch.
⦿ Organization Wide PySpark Setup for KPI Trackers: To upgrade from existing process to Big Data technology for the KPI trackers across various onc and non-onc franchise for a big bio-tech firm. Operationalized and optimized Claims Tracker in PySpark for Line of Therapy calculation and various product KPI e.g., market share, average duration & compliance etc.

Analytical Consulting Firm (Jun 2016 – Sep 2018)
Associate Consultant

⦿ Copay effectiveness: Assess utilization and effectiveness of Copay card programs for various GNE products using SHA claims data and TMG copay data.
⦿ Patient Journey: Worked with SHA patient claims data to identify patterns of how patients progress to different stages of disease and how they switch or move to various drugs in the process.
⦿ Adhoc Analytics Support: Setup adhoc process for Sales, Calls etc. tracking in SQL, Python, Sas etc. Also developed an internal PySpark based product.
⦿ PySpark Product Development: Developed an advanced and scalable product for Claims data based metric calculation in PySpark. Set up Qubole connection to Amazon AWS clusters and used Airflow to automate the process. Data was stored in Amazon S3. Used Alteryx to create parallel process for final QC.

Automotive Manufacturing Company (Aug 2015 – May 2016)
Assistant Manager

⦿ Quality Assurance: Create trackers to measure and track product quality and compliance.

Technical Skills:

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  • Python, PySpark, SMV, AWS, Alteryx, SQL, Hive, MS Office, Big Data, and Data Analytics
  • PySpark, Python, SQL & SMV: 6 years
  • Alteryx, AWS: 2 Years
  • MS Office & US Healthcare data (Claims, Sales, Affiliations, Payer etc.): 6 Years


B. Tech (2011 – 2015)
IIT Hyderabad

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