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Senior Associate, Commercial Analytics C00381

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A seasoned consultant with demonstrated proficiency in building a reporting system and developing segmentation and targeting marketing strategies. Well-versed in sales analytics, Business Intelligence, customer targeting, and data management. Equipped with advanced technical and statistical skills, they are adept at turning complex data into actionable insights.

Professional Experience

KMK Consulting Inc. (July 2023 – Present)

Senior Associate

Market Research & Launch Planning Analytics for an Emerging biopharmaceutical company

⦿ Performing various HCP and patient level analytics to understand prescribing and treatment patterns. Examples include HCP Referral Patterns, Burden of Illness analysis, Source/Loss of business of products, Therapy switching patterns; by leveraging multiple data sources like APLD (IQVIA, Veeva Compass), OneKey, NPA, etc.
⦿ Tracking market conditions and competitor performance through weekly and monthly reports to identify trends and draw insights.

IT and Clinical Research Firm (Jul 2019 – Jun 2022)
Analytics Consultant

⦿ Worked on client projects ranging from sales analytics, Business Intelligence, customer targeting and data management.
⦿ Created a reporting system from medical claims data (5MM+ records) to track nation-wide Oncology patient journey. leveraging PySpark and HiveSQL. Directly benefited the marketing team to formulate strategy and improve sales.
⦿ Developed a segmentation and targeted marketing strategy with actionable plan to improve HoH sales performance by 12%
⦿ Designed and developed an Excel VBA driven Staffing Dashboard that was used by leadership team for employee staffing.
⦿ Led a team of 4 analysts to deliver real-time data support using AWS Athena and QuickSight
⦿ Mentored and trained new hires on SQL, Excel, and VBA

Software Firm (Jan 2019 – Jun 2019)
Software Development Intern

⦿ Enhanced one module of Workforce Management product that enables large clients to optimize budgets and operations.
⦿ Developed critical enhancements in JAVA to accommodate new database structure using Agile methodology

Tyre Manufacturing Firm (Jul 2018 – Dec 2018)
Data Analytics Intern

⦿ Analyzed large data (1MM+ records) obtained from strain sensors to estimate crucial tire health indicators using R
⦿ Built an interactive application for monitoring tire pressure, wear & tear, contact patch length using R Shiny


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Capstone Project at General Motors, Market entry strategy (Jan 2023 – Apr 2023)

⦿ Assessing and formulating market entry opportunities for GM in the micro-mobility space leveraging market research, business intelligence, and statistical tools and techniques
⦿ Analyzing micro-mobility rides data (15MM+ records) to uncover trends and patterns, predicting demand in the future, estimating market share and profitability, building a ramp up plan for deployment

Prescriptive Analytics, Marketing strategy using stated preference data. (Nov 2022)

⦿ Provided marketing recommendations based on survey data of spending patterns of individuals, using Python.
⦿ Database modeling of a Train company – Information Management Nov 2022

Predictive Modeling, Predicting Reddit Post Engagement (Oct 2022)

⦿ Identified key features of top and controversial Reddit posts using scraped data by performing exploratory analysis and SHAP feature importance to provide recommendations for boosting engagement.

Technical skills

Languages and Tools: SQL, Python (Gurobi, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn), PySpark, R, MS Excel, VBA, MATLAB, C++, PowerPoint, Alteryx, Tableau, Power BI, JIRA, AWS Athena and QuickSight

Statistical Techniques: Regression, Predictive Modelling, Ensemble Models, Unsupervised algorithms


Master of Science, Business Analytics (May 2023)
The University of Texas at Austin

B.E. (Hons.), Electrical and Electronics (Jun 2019)
Physics Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India

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