Advanced Analytics

Senior Associate, Commercial Analytics C00378

Data-driven and ambitious professional with a strong analytical background and diverse experience in building statistical models and developing business strategies. Highly skilled in the areas of big data analytics, data mining, and machine learning. Holds a master’s degree in computer science and engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

Professional Experience

KMK Consulting Inc. (2023-Present)
Senior Associate, Commercial Analytics

⦿ Build scalable analytics infrastructure by leveraging cloud technologies. Design ETL pipelines and automate reporting systems to help clients make successful business decisions based on Key Performance Indicators

Management Consulting Firm (2019-2021)
Decision Analytics Associate, Oncology Analytics Team

⦿ Delivered successful business strategies for fortune 500 healthcare companies by leveraging data, arbitrating discussions, and providing insights via business dashboards to identify key-performance indicators (KPIs) & unlock business value.
⦿ Developed statistical models in Python to analyze longitudinal data with over 2 million records/year, uncovering market trends & predicting product growth potential, which helped clients optimize their sales force & marketing strategies.
⦿ Analyzed sales data in a $265B Oncology-Market using AWS technologies (EC2, S3, SageMaker, Redshift), resulting in >10% revenue increase & cost savings through efficient data ingestion & ML pipeline integration into client workflows.
⦿ Clustered over 500k customers using unsupervised learning algorithms, revealing market segments & customer behavior patterns, resulting in better customer experience & improved client reach through targeted messaging.
⦿ Strengthened client relationships by collaborating with client teams, effectively communicating findings, & delivering results.

IT Service Firm (2018)
Data Science Intern

⦿ Developed a license plate recognition system using convoluted neural networks (CNNs), saving over 10 man-hours per day by automating the tracking of thousands of vehicles through security cameras.

Academic Project & Research

⦿ Multi-modal Task-Oriented Assistant, Amazon Task-Bot Challenge 2023 | EvoquerBOT, a conversation agent which uses LargeLanguage-Models grounded by domain specific Knowledge-Graphs to help guide users through complex real-world tasks.
⦿ Gesture Recognition via skeleton based Deep Neural Network | Developed a Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) network on PyTorch that uses skeletal graph data from over 21k videos (~5Gbs) to learn and classify dynamic hand gestures.
⦿ Atari Game Bots using Reinforcement Learning (RL) | Ran game simulations using reinforcement learning agents trained on Deep-Q-Learning (DQN) & Proximal-Policy-Optimization (PPO) algorithms, to analyze performance and improve game play.
⦿ Analyzing Social Sentiments using scraped tweets | Scraped over 1.2 million tweets using Python to train a Random Forest Classifier, and used the predictions to analyze public perception for “Lok Sabha Elections in India”
⦿ 3D Human Skeleton for Augmented Reality | Projected joint locations from real world to 2D pixel coordinates & used these 2D estimations to reconstruct a 3D human skeleton across ~70,000 frames of joint data from a dual camera setup.

Technical Skills

Languages: Python, SQL, C++, C

Tools: Git, Jira, AWS, Linux, MySQL, Docker, Apache Spark, Hugging Face, Tableau, Adv. MS Excel

Domains: OOP, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, MLOps, Computer Vision, NLP

Libraries: Scikit-Learn, Pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Transformers, SpaCy, Dash, OpenCV


Master of Science in Computer Science & Engineering (May 2023)
Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA   
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science (2015-2019)
Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore, TN, India

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