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Deliver high-quality data quickly and easily with our cloud-native Commercial Data & Analytics Platform.

KMK Vortex

Commercial Data & Analytics Platform

We've combined our over two-decades of Life Science experience with the latest commercial data & analytics technology in KMK Vortex - giving you rapid insights and a self-serve cloud-based platform.

Exclusive features.

KMK Vortex enables transparency, provides control and ensures the highest data quality.

service + Software Solution

Choose to purchase as a turn-key SaaS platform, or as a complete managed service. The choice is yours.


KMK Vortex is a complete data operations & analytics platform to meet all of your data management needs.

Data you can rely on

Effective information governance provides reliable & accurate data, every time.

Single Source of Truth

Consolidate every source of data in one place and be analytically ready for anything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the KMK Vortex platform, reach out to us directly

Does KMK Vortex come with pre-built reports and dashboards?

Absolutely! KMK Vortex comes with plenty of pre-made Tableau and Power BI reports and templates that can be customized to your preferences. KMK Vortex’s reports and dashboards are the result of KMK’s 20 years of providing top-tier analytics and KPIs. From Research & Development dashboards for your analytics team to Sales Performance reports for field teams and HQ teams, KMK Vortex is the perfect unified answer to your data management and analytics needs. Plus, KMK Vortex’s management console offers your IT team a real-time view of the entire system.

Does KMK Vortex include MDM (Master Data Management)?

KMK Vortex is different from other data management solutions in that it comes complete with MDM capabilities to unify and organize data from various sources, using business rules you create. Plus, the software contains pre-configured MDM rules data models tailored to typical pharmaceutical commercialization use cases and industry data sources. These have been created by top experts in the field with decades of data management experience, delivering major quality and productivity gains to your teams while using KMK Vortex.

How long does it take to implement KMK Vortex?

Our customers have experienced that the implementation of KMK Vortex requires a much shorter time frame in comparison to large-scale commercial data management systems from other providers. Additionally, it costs significantly less to run it in the future, due to the wealth of KMK know-how embedded into KMK Vortex. So why wait? KMK Vortex is at your disposal!

Is KMK Vortex a cloud system?

KMK Vortex is a cloud-native solution that provides you with a variety of deployment options. The managed cloud service is the most popular and efficient choice, as it eliminates the need for you to manage the hosting environment and its infrastructure. On top of that, KMK Vortex integrates seamlessly with your existing investments in cloud data warehouses or reporting platforms, making management and operations more efficient. Additionally, unlike other platforms out there, KMK Vortex’s control plane can be fully deployed within your current cloud environment.

Is KMK Vortex a multi-tenant platform?

Our clients’ security and peace of mind is paramount, so all databases are single tenant. Every KMK Vortex instance is in a separate environment dedicated solely to one customer, and is never shared with anyone else. Please note that KMK Vortex utilizes cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure, and depending on your preferences, can be integrated with multi-tenant SaaS services such as Snowflake, PowerBI, Tableau Online etc.

Does KMK Vortex include support and operations services?

Yes, KMK Vortex offers the support and operations services you need – from designing and deploying to commercial and IT operations, as well as data stewardship. With the flexibility of its deployment, we are sure we can meet and even surpass your expectations!