KMK offers pharma end-to-end, high quality and flexible software commercialization tools to better manage sales and marketing operations. Easy-to-use, maintain and customize.

By combining our extensive experience in pharmaceutical commercial data with innovative technology, KMK offers end-to-end, high quality and flexible software commercialization tools to better manage sales and marketing operations. 

Whether you draw upon our existing templates or need some quick customization to meet your business requirements, you’ll find our tool’s dashboards and reports both easy-to-use and maintain, delivering all the insights you need to support business management and growth. 

KMK’s BiT is a cloud-based sales reporting platform delivering the right information at the right time to enable informed business decisions.

KMK’s Call Plan Management (CPM) tool offers a cloud-based platform to give your sales reps and management the capability to effect meaningful change.

KMK designed the ICP Management Suite as a flexible, accessible, web-based solution to establish, administer and optimize end-to-end incentive compensation plan solutions.

KMK’s Account Planning (SAL) Tool is an innovative solution designed to encourage collaboration and drive synergy between different sales teams working with accounts and institutions.

KMK developed the innovative InTask simulation platform to deliver deep insights into physician decision-making and behaviors, overcoming many of the limitations current survey methodologies face.

Our SalesOps platform is a downloadable computer software developed for commercial operations in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. The platform contains pre-configured applications for Field Reporting, Incentive Compensation Management, Field Collaboration and Account Planning tools, and can easily be configured with customizations to meet specific client requirements. This platform can be integrated with any IT ecosystem using a single sign-on and data exchange within a data warehouse, CRM or other systems.

We also provide temporary use of non-downloadable cloud-based computer software for use in data analytics in the fields of pharmaceutical and life sciences commercial operations and consulting services in the field of computer software products that use data analytics in supporting pharmaceutical and life sciences commercial operations.