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KMK has the analyst talent you need to keep your marketing and sales operations running smoothly.

Melissa Archuleta
Director, Advanced Analytics
We do the hiring, training and mentoring of our resources who can work on or off-site working with you in partnership to achieve your objectives. We make sure that we get to know your teams’ intentions, leadership and culture so we can add immediate value to your roster with the right on-site support.
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Commercial Analytics Consultant

EEID 258

Full career experience in an analytical role within the pharmaceutical commercialization realm with hands-on programming experience in IMS and Symphony data. Deep understanding of full-cycle sales operations analyses, especially for mid to large-sized pharma companies.



Experienced in data preparation, prediction, data visualization and providing data-driven recommendations in the Pharmaceutical industry. Solid background in Math, Statistics, and Finance.

Data Analyst


Dynamic, detail-oriented, multilingual statistical analyst with strong quantitative/qualitative analysis skills and 5 years hands-on experience. Verifiable track record of managing complex tasks while always delivering on time and exceeding expectations. 

On-Site Support


Available Consultants

EEID C00107

Director, Commercial Analytics

EEID C00106

Lead Analyst

EEID C00105

Analytics Manager

EEID C00104

Manager, Commercial Analytics

EEID C00103

Data Scientist

EEID C00102

Director, Commercial Analytics

EEID C00101

Manager, Commercial Analytics

EEID 589

Associate Data Analytics

EEID 258

Commercial Analytics Consultant

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