Paul Cariola

Principal, Commercial Strategy

“We are generating strategic insights that allow clients to bring real change and action by the integration of data, insight, and actionability in a seamless coordination of information driving change in the industry.” - Paul Cariola

Paul Cariola
Paul, our Principal of Commercial Strategy, brings invaluable expertise to KMK’s Strategy and Research practice. With first-hand experience in commercial strategy, from pre-commercial activities to brand optimization, he plays a critical role in enhancing our comprehensive solutions.
Working closely with the strategy and research team. He is proficient at collaborating with clients to achieve their goals while staying true to our core values and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

Areas of Expertise

Paul has spent the past two decades helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies develop effective commercial strategies. He is a skilled professional with a deep understanding of individual brand dynamics and a strategic vision for their success. With extensive expertise in various therapeutic areas, including oncology, rare disease, and immunology, his focus is on delivering commercial solutions, particularly in brand launch, commercial strategy, and brand optimization.
Paul is a trusted advisor who excels at navigating the challenges of the product life cycle and is highly regarded for his ability to bring innovative thinking and integrated strategic solutions to complex markets and competitive landscapes.

Career Background

Paul brings a wealth of experience in healthcare and oncology to his role at KMK. Before joining our team, he served as the principal of oncology at IQVIA. He began his career in healthcare on the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s side, specializing in both marketing insights and analytics. He then joined the startup SDI Health, where he played a crucial role in developing solutions for complex pharmaceutical markets and capabilities.