KMK - Alteryx Data BrochureOrganizing Data? Seeing is Believing

Organizing data should not be so difficult and stressful for analytical personnel when the solution seems so simple: A visible data process allows for adjustments and enables analytics most suitable for the business needs of the time.

For many years, Microsoft® Office Excel spreadsheet program has been the “go-to” tool for data analysis. It is nimble. It is easy to decipher. Analysts throw numbers in; charts come out. Formulas are written; analytical results are reported. This process works very well until the data sets get bigger than what Excel can handle. Further complicating matter is the need for those bigger, multi-sourced datasets to go through a periodic refresh following a fixed set of rules. At this point, the process gets out of control.

KMK data services workflow powered by Alteryx suite may just be the answer to provide the transparency and flexibility needed while cutting the time analysts spend on organizing data in half.

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