Ning Jia

Principal, Real-World Evidence (RWE)

“Analytics is a science as well as an art”
- Ning Jia

Ning Jia

With a comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience of customers’ analytical needs, Ning leads KMK’s onshore and offshore analytics teams, facilitating managed services in the full spectrum of real-world evidence generation, sales force effectiveness, marketing science, advanced brand and commercial analytics. 

Ning works very closely with KMK clients to formulate commercial and launch strategies and provide cross-functional and out-of-the-box solutions to drive clients’ commercial successes. 

Areas of Expertise

Ning has been leading analytical and operational engagements with KMK’s clients in the life science industry for over thirteen years. Her areas of expertise include sales force effectiveness (SFE) and operation, brand advanced analytics, real world evidence (RWE) generation and communication, home office and field facing business intelligence, and web-based sales operation and account planning applications. 

A model mentor and leader, Ning has received the Direct Supervisor Award three times for her innate ability to coach and support her direct reports.  

Career Background

Ning initially joined KMK in 2009 as an Analyst where she supported clients on various engagements in advanced analytics (promomix), neurology brand analytics and Sales Force Effectiveness functions. She received the Client’s Business Excellence Award in 2010 for her outstanding performance and commitment to client success. Ning then moved on to serve as Manager of KMK’s Sales Force Effectiveness unit where she led a team of analysts to deliver timely, efficient and analytically rigorous solutions to their clients.  

From 2012 to 2018, Ning was named Director and Principal of Commercial Analytics at KMK where she tripled her client base by delivering services through 50+ high-profile projects, in a full spectrum from Sales Force Effectiveness and Marketing Analytics in various therapeutic areas. Today, with her willingness to learn and grow within our organization, Ning is leading the RWE department as a subject-matter expert and core leadership team member. Ning holds a master’s degree in both Statistics and Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University.