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Migraine Study Demonstrates Impact of Treatment Failures on Healthcare System

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Summary: The economic burden caused by treatment failures of migraine was explored in a study led by Dr. Lujia Zhou, KMK Consulting, Inc. The study results, published in The Journal of Neurology, “Economic Burden Increased with Number of Treatment Failures in Migraine Patients -A Retrospective Claims Database Analysis in the United States (1485),”demonstrated clearly that health care resource utilization and associated costs increased with ongoing treatment failures.

Dr. Zhou, who directs Health Economics and Outcomes Research for KMK Consulting, assembled a team of scientists to study the economic impact of migraine, as information on the burden created by failed treatment was limited although it was believed migraine created a significant economic impact.“Migraine is the third most common disease globally, and the sixth most disabling,” noted Dr. Zhou. “Understanding the economic impact this neurological disease brings wasimportant, not only to our healthcare system cost but to the significantindirect costs associated with lost productivity.

”Using the IBM MarketScan® Commercial and Medicare Supplemental database, the team examined data of 44,181 migraine incidents with treatment failures covering the period January 2, 2011 to June 30, 2015. 64.1% of the database had one treatment failure, 24% had two treatment failures and 14.7% had three or more treatment failures. The cost findings uncovered related to these groups are:

  • Total per patient medical costs (emergency room, inpatient, outpatient)increased with the level of treatment failure:o$10,329for one treatment failure; $13,774for two, $35,392for three or more

  • Visits with treatment providers also increased with the number of treatment failures

  • When prescription drug costs are added in, total per patient costs rose too$13,946 for one treatment failure; $18,685 for two, $41,864 for three or more

  • The number of emergency room visits per patient per year were .54 for one treatment failure, .69 for two and 1.02 for threeo
  • The number of inpatient (hospital) stays per patient per year were.46 for one treatment failure, .59 for two and .97 for three

Access the complete report here.

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