Michael Karbachinskiy​

Founder & CEO​

“We are proud to bring together data analytics and primary research in pharma commercial operation & RWE space enabled by latest technology and expertise” - Michael Karbachinskiy

Michael noticed a gap in the life sciences consulting marketing when he realized two things: (1) pharma commercial operations tend to be overly complex and (2) disjointed data processes are serious barriers to successful pharma commercialization efforts. He launched KMK Consulting in 2000 to solve these problems through a combination of integrated software and services that deliver accurate, high-quality, consistent sales and marketing insights and analytics. Michael believes in fostering a cooperative yet productive workspace where employees can utilize their skills to provide customers with feasible solutions and integrated analytical support by combining market research and brand analytics with sales operation software and sales force effectiveness services. 

Under his leadership, the recent TGaS® Advisors study highlights KMKs’ commitment to excellence and industry leadership with near-perfect client ratings on quality, value, and likeliness to recommend, making our organization one of the most sought-after vendors in the pharma industry.  

Areas of Expertise

An expert in targeting, promotional evaluation, and technology and data warehouse design, Michael has been an instrumental force in designing and executing the first Novartis Commercial data warehouse structure, campaign ROI evaluation, and overall analytics support. He is an expert at formulating critical business strategies to shape the organizational structure of a company and has assisted many startups with improved offerings and market positioning.  

Career Background

Before opening the doors to KMK, Michael oversaw statistical development programming at AT&T and was responsible for setting up financial and marketing programming design and evaluation for credit card portfolios for several large banks.  He currently serves on the board of directors for a variety of enterprises including PRINCE Sterilization Services and Vaporsens.