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Strategic Planning for Medical Affairs: Adding Value Efficiently


Learn how to streamline Medical Affairs strategy by customer and value-based approach

To compete in today's market, pharmaceutical companies must streamline and re-frame their Medical Affairs strategy generation by focusing on a customer and value-based approach, one which requires a solid understanding and integration of scientific, medical and commercial goals.

Join Marina Brodsky and Diane Martire, members of the KMK Star Alliance subject-matter expert network, on October, 27th at 5 PM EST and learn how to enhance the strategic credibility of your Medical Affairs strategy.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
1. What elements make up Strategic Planning, and why they should be assessed continually throughout the year.
2. How to evolve from tactical medical goals to goals focused on the needs of customers and on the enhancement of clinical care.
3. The importance of selecting and prioritizing goals and tactics based on impact and operational and financial feasibility
4. How to enhance the credibility of medical affairs with cross-functional partner
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Strategic Planning for Medical Affairs

Adding Value Efficiently

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