In 2018 Bowen Wang graduated with two degrees from Lehigh University; he received a Bachelor’s in Finance with a minor in Computer Science, as well as a Master’s in Statistics. Working at KMK has been Bowen’s first job out of school and he has shown tremendous growth. He has recently assumed his new role as an analyst alongside the Payer/Managed Care team at a global pharmaceutical company.

What did you learn while you were an Intern? What projects have you worked on?

During the three months of my internship I had the opportunity to work on many projects designed to enhance my understanding of how KMK operates as a company. I completed several fundamental training modules to develop an in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining the company, I didn’t have this knowledge, so it is important to understand how the industry operates as a whole. I presented a market research analysis on a specific disease; the purpose of this assignment was to show that I am capable of doing my own research, interpreting data sets, and utilizing the information. Shortly after, I was assigned two case studies which helped broaden my knowledge about incentive compensation planning. All of these assignments are necessary as they help build a strong foundation towards a promising career.

What is it like interacting with a client?

During my first few weeks, I attended multiple meetings with clients. It feels casual, yet professional, when I interact with a client. There are tons of information being thrown around, and it is my job to distinguish on which information I need to focus. Understanding personal responsibility is crucial, it means you must realize what is asked of you, even though it might not have been obviously stated. Besides, it is always important to be conscientious, listen carefully, think before you speak, ask precise questions and understand what the client needs before starting any work.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

At a consulting company communication is vital; not only are the technical skills important, but it is essential to be able to present your findings to the client in a way that they can understand. Having to adjust to a more professional presentation style was quite challenging, considering I have to be able to answer questions on the fly. As analysts, we must be able to communicate why our solutions are in the best interest for our clients. I believe that practice makes perfect, and with repetition, my presentation and communication skills will only improve.

Could you say some words about your time here so far?

So far, my experiences have been encouraging, and I am excited to keep learning and developing my skills as a business consultant. The company culture is welcoming; KMK has built a friendly environment that inspires me get better at what I do every day.