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Sales Force Effectiveness

KMK’s Employee Performance Tool Streamlines HQ/Sales Rep Calibration

The KMK Employee Performance Tool centralizes all historical performance data and provides a simple and efficient platform for HQ and field leadership to conduct performance calibration and evaluation.


Performance evaluation of field personnel was historically done using separate Excel spreadsheets for each individual rep. The field personnel needed to be evaluated on multiple metrics including but not limited to sales performance, behavioral metrics, compliance for calls and data submission. This was a cumbersome, mistake-prone, and time-consuming process for the performance reviewer and reviewee, requiring manual input and emailing the Excel doc back and forth through various revisions.  This step was duplicated across hundreds of individual reps every quarter.

Once all performance evaluations were finalized, all the performance evaluation spreadsheets would be sent to the Commercial Operations team, which would manually consolidate the Excel sheets to compare and rank the field personnel for awards and promotions. They needed to present the results to multiple stakeholders like Sales Leadership, Finance and Human Resources.

If, for any reason, management or senior leadership required information about an individual’s past performance, they would have to reach out to the Commercial Operations team. They would then manually have to retrieve the information for the manager.


KMK Solution:

The KMK Team worked closely with the client to understand the entire process of field personnel performance evaluation process, identify opportunities of gaining efficiencies, recommending improvements and making a system easily accessible by the field personnel, their managers and sales leadership.

Using a deep expertise of technology, UX and strong business acumen, KMK developed the Employee Performance Tool (EPT) to automate the quarterly performance evaluation. The new tool has significant advantages, resulting in the reduction of time, cost, and errors in reporting:


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