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KMK Consulting Inc. Named 2022 Best Company for Women to Work

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Women’s Choice Award® Names KMK Consulting Inc. a 2022 Best Companies to Work for Women, Diversity, and Millenials

MORRISTOWN, NJ, US, August 9, 2022/ — 

KMK Consulting Inc., a pharmaceutical consulting company based in Morristown NJ, has been recognized by the Women’s Choice Awards as a 2022 Best Companies to Work for Women, Diversity and Millennials. The Women’s Choice Award for Best Companies to Work is the only award that reflects the needs and preferences of women based on publicly available data, which aligns with the employee and consumer appreciation for corporate transparency. This recognition helps to further KMK’s mission of fostering a true culture of diversity as is evident in the makeup of their workforce and through their innovative recruitment efforts.


KMK understands that employees have lives and things happen; sick children, pregnancies, ailing parents, etc. and we’re doing more to support our employees manage these scenarios— Dani Heywood, KMK President


“One of the things that stood out for me when I joined KMK was how many women were on the senior leadership team, and not only that, how most of them were not Caucasian. Titles, compensation increases, and promotions are truly given based on merit, regardless of background, ethnicity or gender etc.” says Dani Heywood, KMK President.

“KMK support our employees to manage personal scenarios by providing more paid time off, more bereavement leave and taking away the need to accrue sick leave before they could take it. We’ll be looking to make more changes to enhance the work-life balance of our team members and to build on a company culture that will attract and retain talent.”

Data for these awards was compiled from a variety of publicly available sources and then weighed accordingly for each of the three categories. Criteria to earn a place on the Women’s Choice Award ‘Best Companies to Work’ list include:

  • Female and POC representation at the workforce, management and board levels
  • Work-life balance benefits such as telecommuting, flexible schedule, onsite childcare and subsidized childcare
  • Partial Time off/ Vacation days
  • Maternity support, such as paid maternity time off, paid paternity time off, lactation/mother’s rooms
  • Professional development and support opportunities, such as mentorship programs, professional networks, and professional development events
  • Wellness benefits, such as an onsite medical facility, onsite gym, and gym membership reimbursement

“Validation has never been more important than now and we take great pride in offering an objective and uniform reporting process so women can choose where to work with greater confidence. We recognize that gender and diversity discrepancies are very real in the workplace and knowing we can help her to choose an organization that supports her values is core to our mission” said Delia Passi, CEO and Founder of the Women’s Choice Award. “It’s an honor to recognize KMK Consulting Inc. as a Best Company to Work and their investment in improving diversity, representation, and inclusion in their workforce and their commitment to hire and retain top talent and thereby boosting their competitiveness.”

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Learn more about career opportunities at KMK here.

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