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KMK Consulting, Inc. Launches On-Demand SME Network

KMK Consulting, Inc. unveils KMK Star Alliance – an on-demand SME sourcing platform for the biopharma and life sciences industries.


KMK Consulting, Inc., a commercial analytics consultancy delivering commercial operations, primary market research, sales force effectiveness, and advanced analytics for the biopharma industry, is proud to announce the launch of its new website The new site unveils their latest service offering, the KMK Star Alliance – an “on-demand” network of biopharma subject matter experts available for immediate booking with the click of a button, offering a never-before-seen self-service matching platform for the life sciences industry.

Our solution is the KMK Star Alliance, offering independent consultants with complimentary capabilities to provide proven high-quality service and be instantly available to book online.”— Michael Karbachinskiy, President of KMK Consulting, Inc.

KMK Star Alliance gives KMK the ability to offer complimentary services in addition to their already well-established catalog of work by joining forces with partner companies and independent management consultants. The new site is catered towards small and mid-size companies and offers on-demand access to industry subject matter experts with expertise in a broad range of categories including Commercial Strategy & Marketing, HEOR/RWE, Insights & Analytics, Sales Force Effectiveness, Medical Affairs Effectiveness, Market Access & Value Strategy, Learning & Development, and IT Consulting.

After an in-depth analysis of the sourcing options available for commercial biopharma SMEs, it became clear that there was an unmet need in the market. What was missing was an on-demand matching network, similar to shared economy models like Airbnb and eHarmony in other industries, to book biopharma commercial SMEs in real-time as needed with an immediate payment transaction and simple agreement.

KMK Star Alliance fills this gap. Visitors to the new site can opt for the self-directed on-demand instant booking feature or get access to personal assistance in sourcing an SME for a variety of external expert engagement types including advisory interviews, management consulting, workforce extension, project management and consulting projects. Those who opt for the self-directed search have a few different paths to finding their perfect match:

1. Search for the advisory expertise or specific type of project work needed
2. Filter through the SME network by category of work or functional area, service line, capability, or skillset, or scan each SME’s project catalog and related case studies
3. Connect with the Star Assistant who can provide real-time support to source advisory interviews, consultants, short-term contractors or project team needs.

Visitors can then book time to interview the SMEs or consultants they’re most interested in, make a final selection, and complete the transaction with a simple payment. KMK Star Alliance knew the booking process needed to be easy – which is why they’ve included the option of an immediate credit card transaction to engage SMEs as clients need them: on-demand, anytime, anywhere.

“We’re thrilled about expanding our operational capabilities in the life science space with this SME network. For many years, life science companies have had only two choices when it comes to sourcing consultants: 1. Use a large organization with numerous capabilities or 2. Assemble many smaller vendors, each with their own unique capabilities, at a lower cost but are often more difficult to source and manage,” says Michael Karbachinskiy, President of KMK Consulting, Inc. “We were inspired by various online marketplaces that have connected providers to customers very efficiently and presented better alternatives to the traditional way we buy services. Our solution is the KMK Star Alliance, catering to small and mid-size companies and offering independent consultants with complimentary capabilities to provide proven high-quality service and be instantly available to book online.”

The KMK Star Alliance website will be updated on a regular basis with new SME and partner company profiles, as well as exciting case studies and additions to their product catalog. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and sign up for a free introductory consultation at

About KMK Consulting, Inc.
KMK Consulting, Inc. has been providing operational support and analytics services to the pharmaceutical industry for over twenty years. KMK focuses on four functions within the pharmaceutical space: Sales Force Effectiveness, Market Research, Health Economics & Outcomes Research and Advanced Analytics Support. Additionally, KMK provides business intelligence software to increase field sales performance. A recent independent study rates KMK as a leader in the Sales Operations space for both quality of deliverables and willingness to recommend. KMK is based in Morristown, NJ, with offices in Boston, India and China. 

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