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KMK Consulting Expands into Europe with the Appointment of Samantha Fernando

KMK Consulting Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Samantha Fernando as Managing Director of insights, as part of their expansion into Europe. Sam will establish and lead KMK’s UK Insight team and drive business development with Pharma clients based in Europe and beyond. This move signals KMK’s commitment to providing innovative strategy and insight solutions to its clients and expanding its reach into new markets. With over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Sam is well-placed to spearhead this growth for KMK.

 The appointment of Sam is one of three recent EU-based hires that will provide KMK clients with EU local expertise, as well as growing the overall capability of all KMK business arms to deliver for clients wherever they are. Chris Stevenson, Principal of Strategy, also joined KMK earlier this month and will provide strategic services and thinking to clients and expand KMK’s global presence. Stephen Deitch, Head of Global Market Access, will officially join the KMK team next week and will oversee development of the pricing and market access team. Given KMK’s existing RWE and HEOR business, Stephen will be able to infuse the strategic implications of this area into their clients globally across EU, US and Asia.   

An extremely passionate and ambitious pharmaceutical/healthcare professional with a PhD in Biotechnology and over 10 years’ experience in Pharma market research, Sam has driven business development and client relations within several healthcare research agencies. Most recently, she served as Client Services Director at Lumanity (previously Cello Health), a company dedicated to improving patient health by accelerating and optimizing access to medical advances, where she worked within the business development team leading key accounts and collaborating cross-functionally alongside the research team to drive growth, expand and ultimately ensure repeat business and visibility for the Lumanity brand.  

“I’m delighted to join the incredibly talented team at KMK Consulting during such an aspirational time of growth, to expand our business into the EU,” Sam says. “I’m thrilled to be building the UK-based Insights team while remaining aligned to our strong mission of combining primary and secondary data to deliver real impact and strategic direction for our clients.”  

KMK specializes in three core areas of expertise: Strategy and Insights, Commercial Operations and Analytics, and HEOR/RWE. They strive to dismantle the silos that Pharma companies are traditionally structured in by integrating secondary data from other areas of the business with primary approaches, allowing clients to maximize the insights they have available to answer their most pressing business questions. 

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