“Positive culture comes from being mindful, and respecting your co-workers, and being empathetic.”

On the 10th of October, KMK proudly marked five years since opening their doors in India. When we first broke ground back in 2018, we had only 3 employees in one department. Now five years later we are thrilled to have over 94 employees, both in-office and working remotely, across all the departments of KMK.

Giving Back with Compassion - #KMKares

We understand the powerful difference that having reliable medical equipment can make in the lives of individuals facing physical and mental health challenges. This is why we chose to celebrate our five-year anniversary by joining forces with the Ekta Care Home Foundation, an organization committed to serving individuals of all ages and health conditions through a range of services including transitional care, senior day care, respite aged care, and retirement home services.
Fifteen KMKers visited the Ekta NGO to better understand their specific needs and discover ways in which KMK could help them to achieve their goals. Through this CSR initiative, we have donated much needed adult absorbent products specifically selected to meet both the current and future needs of the community they serve. This effort serves as a strong reminder that even seemingly small acts of kindness in healthcare can make a big difference in the lifes of affected individuals and their loved ones.

From the boardroom to the ballroom – KMK India Annual Meet 2023

Even amidst our widespread remote working setup, the KMK India team eagerly looks forward to our highly anticipated annual meeting every year. This year was no exception and even more meaningful as we came together to celebrate five incredible years.
On November 23rd, we embarked on a two-day outdoor trip to Udaipur, leaving behind the screens and embracing authentic face-to-face interaction. It was a refreshing break from formality as we immersed ourselves in a casual and vibrant atmosphere that included dancing, karaoke, and the opportunity to meet new coworkers and reconnect with others.
This event is so meaningful to our KMK India team because it’s about much more than just team building – it’s about creating unforgettable moments and forging deeper connections with our coworkers. This year we laughed, engaged in friendly dance-offs, and shared experiences that will be cherished throughout the next year and beyond.
“I absolutely loved our team’s off-site gathering! It was such a fantastic opportunity to bond with everyone while enjoying fun games, delicious food, and a relaxing atmosphere. I had such high expectations for this party, and I’m thrilled to say it exceeded them. What an amazing time!” says Palak Kothari, Markteting Associate