KMK's IC Suite Fully Integrated with Veeva CRM & Veeva Align

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With a well-designed IC plan, you can attract and retain top talent, engage shareholders, and align employee interests with company goals to drive sales achievements.

We create customized IC plans tailored to your products, using various design models like Goal-based, Commission-based, Rank, and MBO. Our exclusive “Reward For Growth” IC model eliminates bias in plans and boosts performance by analyzing sales data in real-time to provide valuable insights for your reps.

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KMK’s IC Suite Integrates with Veeva CRM & Align for Seamless Performance Enhancement

  •  Veeva integration creates one-stop-shop user experience for sales and sales ops:
    • User Interface
    • Roster & Alignment changes
  • Data and operation integration streamlines the sales planning cycle

Consultative Timely Accurate

  • Established onboarding framework creates smooth transition experience
  • Well-defined operations processes for the flawless ongoing support
  • Best practices in Life Science provide options for IC design and operation efficiency

Behavioral Science & Research to drive sales

  • Conduct research to observe sales performance & collect customer feedback, overlay with secondary data.
  • Identify, communicate & incentivize sales team on the right behaviors team.

Integrated End-to-End Field Planning

Track IC performance in Veeva CRM

Imagine your IC & Sales Ops within Veeva with real time roster & alignment changes

Up & Running in 8-12 Weeks

Benefit from smooth onboarding and high-quality ongoing support-based 15+ years of experience & industry best practices.

Improve Sales Performance

Behavioral science research collected on rep ride alongs helps to transform average reps into high performers with measurable increase in Rx

IC dashboards live natively in
your Veeva CRM

Live IC Modeling
and Simulation

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