Huanxue Zhou

Principal, HEOR / RWE

“We help our clients transform their business questions into workable data analytics plans through a scientific approach that not only generates real-world evidence in support of their product value story, but also facilitates their decision-making.”

Huanxue has been a member of the KMK team for over ten years, working in various positions of increasing responsibilities, and currently heads the HEOR and RWE practice. She and her team lead the design, execution and interpretation of Real-World Evidence generation across multiple disease areas, including cardiovascular, dermatology, immunology, neuroscience, and respiratory. Huanxue has a passion for employee development and is constantly driving team education on advanced analytics to execute HEOR studies in support of her clients. 

Areas of Expertise

Huanxue has successfully helped her clients develop high-efficiency, real-world evidence analytics platforms and establish best practices. She is an expert in observational database analysis and has extensive experience with health insurance claims databases, electronic medical records, and government public survey databases for evidence generation throughout the product life cycle. She is adept at formulating implementation plans to fulfill reports and summarize information, and her work has been published in many peer-review journals including the Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy and Clinical Rheumatology and featured at various life science conferences. 


Career Background


Huanxue is the perfect example of the type of growth that can be achieved at KMK. She joined our team in 2010 as a Brand Analytics Specialist and swiftly moved up the ranks to HEOR Team Lead, Director, Associate Principal, and now Principal of the HEOR/RWE business unit. Prior to joining us, she served as a Research Assistant at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  


She received her Databricks Academy Accreditation in Unified Data Analytics Essentials in 2020 and holds a certification in Data or Specimens Only through the CITI Program. Huanxue earned her master’s degree in Statistics from Lehigh University.