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High Cost of Medication Tops the List of Challenges for Gastroenterologists Treating IBS


Providing value “beyond the pill” means that biopharma must deliver on a range of service dimensions that physicians value. KMK Consulting’s Innovation and Customer Value survey in IBS looked at the most important challenges faced by gastroenterologists in managing IBS, as well as the most important service offerings from pharmaceutical companies to help them meet these challenges.

Cost tops the list of challenges gastroenterologists face in the management of IBS

High cost of medication, lack of patient understanding of the condition, and treatment efficacy are the major challenges faced by gastroenterologists with newly diagnosed IBS patients. 

Challenges Faced in Managing IBS

Cost, Insurance coverage
Patient education/expectation/understanding
Efficacious treatments, Symptom Control, Quick onset
Developing better diagnostic tests
Patient compliance/follow up
Mental health, Stress relief
Managing different symptoms
Limited meds options
Chronicity of the condition, Refractory symptoms
Safety profile, Less side effects
Healthy diet/Lifestyle/Weight Loss
Pain management
3 of the 5 most valued services pharmaceutical companies provide to gastroenterologists deal with cost and access

Along with published clinical trials and the use of “real-world evidence” to demonstrate the value of IBS medications, gastroenterologists highly value services that facilitate access and reduce the cost of treatments to patients. These include co-pay cards and vouchers, prior authorization support, and samples.

Gastroenterologists most often associate Allergan with these valued support services. Takeda and Salix trail by a wide margin.

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