It was a pleasant day in Morristown and Jing Yu, a director at KMK, was oscillating between offices and conference rooms when approached for this interview. She quickly remarked: “I have not been interviewed like this before, but I am also looking forward to opening up about my journey of growth at KMK.”

Jing received a Bachelor’s Degree in Taxation while living in China and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics from Cornell University in 2012. Upon graduation, she immediately joined KMK as a junior analyst and assumed her current role of Director in 2017. She currently leads a team of analysts to help optimize the sales force for pharmaceutical companies. Her areas of expertise include sales force effectiveness and incentive compensation.

Over the past six years, Jing has managed to successfully carve a niche for herself in the company despite this being her first and only job out of school.

How do you think you have changed from when you first joined KMK?

At first, my work primarily focused on the technical aspects. Now I find myself more involved in critical thinking and understanding the reasoning behind the problem. I put myself in the client’s shoes to try and understand exactly where they are coming from. This shift added much more value to my work and has shaped me into who I am today.

What do you think is unique about the way you do your work?

I’ve learned to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations; it is the best way to learn and grow as an individual and as a team. By getting used to being uncomfortable, I am able to learn from my mistakes and develop as a result; this has provided me with a lot of opportunities to grow and gain exposure to new things.

How do you feel about representing KMK at industry conferences?

I attended the PMSA conference in 2018; it was my first time attending an event like that and it’s definitely an exciting and rewarding experience. I received substantial feedback on my presentation, and I was able to expand my network by meeting a lot of new professionals in the pharma industry.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to succeed in your field?

It is important to be proactive and be constantly looking for opportunities. In China, we are taught to sit and listen instead of speaking up and thus, I was very quiet initially. One of my keys to success, my “secret sauce” if you will, is the ability to think differently than others and not be afraid to share my opinion. My motivation stems from all the opportunities KMK has created for me along with all the responsibility and accountability. I have come across some people who naturally want to stay within their comfort zone; however, this isn’t enough if they want to gain knowledge and pick up new skills. Acting on knowledge is what gives you an edge over others who stick to the ordinary.

What is your life outside KMK like?

I indulge in many fitness activities. I try going to the gym as regularly as possible and go trekking and hiking time and again. It is important to be physically active outside of work in order to be mentally active while at work. I also enjoy travelling and getting to travel at KMK is a part of my job that I thoroughly enjoy.

Finally, describe your KMK journey in 3 words.

Challenging, evolving and collaborative.